TOEIC Test – 600 Essential Words: Part 3

First, read TOEIC Test – 600 Essential Words: Part 1 and 2

Today, I am presenting some of the VERBS + preposition from the TOEIC 600 Essential Words list. I know it’s not easy to study and remember all these words so I’m going to help you more this time. 

Some of the following verbs + preposition are phrasal verbs, so the meaning is very different from the base verb. Take the verb ‘bring’: the meaning of ‘bring’ is different to ‘bring up’. You would know by now that the verb ‘get’ has a few meanings, but ‘get out’, ‘get on’, ‘get ahead’, and ‘get across’,  all have very different meanings.

You need to remember all the following verbs plus preposition together. Think of them as new vocabulary: ONE vocabulary unit, but TWO, or more, words.

I will give you a sentence example for each verb +  preposition.

Work out the meaning of the verb + preposition in the context of the sentence. You can check the meaning online at

Remember that the TOEIC exam is business based, so look for the definition that is most suitable for business.


abide by            If you make a promise, you should abide by it.

accustom to    Before setting up a new business, become accustomed to local laws.

adhere to          Stock brokers must adhere to the rules.

appeal to          The 50% discount appealed to the customers.

bring in             My part-time job doesn’t bring in much, but I enjoy it.                

bring up            Are there any matters which you would like to bring up at the meeting?

build up             We need to build up our customer base.

call in                 The  director called in an expert to assist with the campaign.            

catch up             Let’s catch up next week and work out a plan.

coincide with    Fortunately, the dress sale coincided with a public holiday.

come up with   Don’t worry! He always comes up with a solution.

conform to        Staff should conform to the dress code. 


deal with           Do you have to deal with demanding clients?

fall to                 The stock market fell to its lowest level this year.

figure out          Can you figure out what happened today on the stock market?

fill out                You need to fill out an application form if you want a job at Ikea.

get in touch       You should get in touch with a lawyer if you wish to pursue this matter.

get out of            Joe tried to get out of attending the annual general meeting.

give up                Sam gave up the presidency because of ill health.

keep up with     It’s important that we keep up with the opposition.

lock into             They locked us into the contract before we realised it!

look forward to-I’m looking forward to getting my tax return.

look up to          We all look up to our boss. She’s wonderful!

look to                The business is doing very well! We can look to the future with confidence.

mix up                The previous clerk was always mixing the orders up.

move up             If you want to move up in this company, play golf with the CEO.

open to               One thing I admire about my supervisor is that she is open to new ideas.

pick up               It doesn’t take long to pick up the skills needed in a bar job.

pull out              10% of the companies pulled out of the agreement.

sell out                There was pressure on the small supermarket to sell out to the big chain.

set up                  If you wish to set up a business, you need financial backing.

shut down         Many businesses shut down because of insufficient financial backing.

stay on top of    We need to stay on top of the competition or we’ll go out of business!

subject to           Small businesses as well as big businesses are subject to corporate law.

take back           In Australia, you can take a product back  to the shop if it is faulty.

take out              It’s advisable to take out an insurance policy when you travel overseas.

take part in       Competent managers encourage their staff to take part in decision-making.

throw out          He started making a disturbance so the bartenders threw him out.

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