Conversations with Aussies # 1

I talk with Christopher and Rachel about living at Bondi Beach, Australia.


How long have you lived in Bondi?

Rachel – I’ve lived here for about two years,

Christopher – And I’ve been here for five years, in a few different spots.

And what do you enjoy about living in Bondi?

R – I just feel like the relaxing lifestyle … so, get to go for a swim at the beach after work and we get to enjoy the beach on the weekends.

C – And we also like going out for food and drinks. There’s plenty of places within walking distance for all that.

R – And it’s really nice to be able to look out your window and see some whales and dolphins in the water. We’ve got a pair of binoculars and we get to have a close-up look at these animals in the water.

Oh. That’s special. What are your interests, apart from going to the beach?

C – Yeah, I mean, we go to the markets or various furniture homewares stores. We go out to the cinema and watch a movie; go to an art show or sporting game.

R – We also … I also really like plants so we usually go and get some new plants from the local nursery and pick some nice pots that go with our home and fit them in nicely into our house.

And so, do you watch … are you interested in recent movies? What type of movies do you like to watch? Is there a …

C – Yeah a range, like it just depends; there’s no specific genres. I mean, yeah, as you see above here, there’s an artwork of Chinatown, an old film, old Hollywood film with Jack Nicholson, but yeah, we also watch the new stuff that’s out now as well. There’s plenty of places to go for some new movies.

R – And we like to keep our eye out for any film festivals like the French Film Festival or the Sydney Film Festival.

C – There was recently one in Bondi as well: the Film Fest. 

R – The Short Film Festival.

C – Plenty of events here as well.

Do you work near Bondi?

C – No, I work in the city, which is about 50 minutes away, bus and train.

R – And I work near Newtown, so that’s about a 45 minute car ride in the morning.

That’s quite a long distance from where you live. Would you ever consider moving into the city?

C – Probably not. I’ve lived in plenty of places in Sydney and once I got to Bondi, I didn’t really want to move, so when you weigh the pros and cons of living here and with the long commute, the pros – you know, everywhere to go, etc,  the beach, being in Bondi wins.

R – It’s like being on a holiday every weekend.

Okay. So Bondi’s a lovely place to live?

C and R – Yes!

Okay. Thank you Rachel and Christopher.

R – Pleasure!

      

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