About me

I have been a qualified ESL (English Second Language) teacher since 2004. I work at a fabulous International School, Langports English Language College, on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Langports is a NEAS-accredited International School and it was rated the “Best English School in Australia” by students for five years in a row  from 2011-2015 by EDUCATION STARS. Click here to see me at work teaching in a Langports classroom.

I started this website to help English students find useful information on the Internet. There is so much out there, but people often have difficulty finding it. I especially wanted to recommend songs, which are enjoyable and wonderful for learning. I think that learning a new language should be fun! Then, I thought I should explain the grammar in the songs and in the sites I was promoting. My website has grown from there as I’ve thought of more things to write about and responded to feedback. Thank you for the feedback and please keep it up! It’s very useful to know in which areas you need help and information.

Mary’s English Blog is featured:
∗    in the External Links section of the Langports Website and
∗    as one of the ‘Top 25 English Grammar Blogs & Websites’ on Feedspot.com

 It is  recommended by:
∗   the Literacy Department of The University of New South Wales Australia,
∗   the Ministry of Education and Universities of the Canary Islands, Spain, and
∗   the I Must Read Website 

Subscribers include:
∗   the international IT company MissionSky and
∗   the English Academy, Madrid, Spain.

With my husband and our son and daughter at a niece’s wedding



One Response to About me

  1. TSUBASA USAMI says:

    Hello,it’s Tsubasa.Do you remember me?
    I was in your 3A class 1 month ago.
    How are you?
    Recently I haven’t seen you at Langports.
    By the way, I heard that you are sick or feeling is bad so I’m anxious about your condition and my friends too.

    Liked by 1 person

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