Easy Listening – Practical and Social English #2

 If you would like to improve your English speaking and listening, watch this video from New English File Elementary. The conversations are written under the video. Listen carefully and repeat what you hear:

Conversation 1: At a Hotel – Checking in

Hotel Clerk: Good evening sir.
Mark: Hello. I have a reservation. My name’s Mark Ryder.
Hotel Clerk
: Can you spell that please?
Mark: R-Y-D-E-R
Hotel Clerk 
: For five nights?
Mark: Yes, that’s right.
Hotel Clerk: Can I have your passport please?
Mark: Just a moment. Here you are.
Hotel Clerk: Can you sign here please? Do you want a smoking or non-smoking room?Mark: Non-smoking please.
Hotel Clerk: Here’s your key. It’s room 425 on the fourth floor.
Mark: Thank you. Oh, where’s the lift?
Hotel Clerk: It’s over there. Do you need help with your bags?
Mark: It’s okay, thanks.
Hotel Clerk: Enjoy your stay Mr Ryder.
Mark: Thank you.


Conversation 2: Social English

Allie: Where are you from in the United States Mark?
MarkThe west coast, San Francisco.
Allie: Is it nice?
Mark: Oh yeah. It’s a great city. Are you from London?
Allie: No, I’m from Cambridge. My family live there, but I live here in London.
Mark: (Phone rings.) Sorry. … Hello darling. How are you? … I’m fine, yeah. … Don’t worry. … Fine. Fine. … That’s great. … Bye darling. I love you. … Sorry
Allie: That’s okay. Your wife?
MarkNo, no. My daughter. She always phones me when I’m travelling.
Allie: How old is she?
MarkShe’s nine. She lives with her mother in Los Angeles. We’re divorced. Are you married?
Allie: No, I’m not.
MarkHow old are you?
Allie: That’s very personal! What do you think?
MarkTwenty-five? Twenty-six?
Allie: Thanks. I’m twenty-seven. How old are you?
MarkI’m 34. Would you like another drink?
Allie: No thanks. I have to go now Mark. Our first meeting’s at ten. See you tomorrow.
MarkSee you tomorrow Allie. Goodnight.
Allie: Goodnight.

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