Easy Listening – Practical and Social English #8

If you would like to improve your English speaking and listening, watch this video from New English File Elementary.  It features speakers from England and The United States. The conversations are written under the video. Listen carefully and repeat what you hear:

Conversation 1: Checking out

Receptionist: Good morning, sir.
Mark: Good morning. Can I have my bill, please? I’m checking out.
R: Which room is it?
M: Room 425.
R: Did you have anything from the minibar last night?
M: Yes, a mineral water.
R: Here you are. How would you like to pay?
M: American Express.
R: Thank you. OK. Can you sign here, please? Thank you. Would you like me to call a taxi for you?
M: No, thanks.
R: Do you need any help with your luggage?
M: No, I’m fine, thanks.
R: Have a good trip, Mr Ryder.
M: Thank you.
R: Goodbye.
M: Goodbye.


Conversation 2: Social English

M: Hello?
A: Hi Mark, it’s Allie. I’m really sorry but the traffic this morning is terrible. I’m going to be very late.
M: OK.
A: I think the best thing is for you to take a taxi to the station and then get the train to the airport.
M: No problem. I’ll call a taxi. Well, thanks for everything …
A: No listen. I’ll meet you at the airport. We can say goodbye there.
M: All right. Where can we meet?
A: At the information desk.
M: OK. See you there.
A: Bye.
M: Excuse me, change of plan. Could you call me a taxi, please? To the station. 

Hello. Sorry, I can’t take your call. Please leave a message after the tone.

M: Hi Allie, this is Mark. Where are you? I’m at the information desk. My flight leaves in forty minutes.
A: Mark! Mark! Sorry, I’m late!
M: Don’t worry. I’m just happy you got here.
A: Come on. You’re going to miss your flight.
M: Wait a minute. Are you going to come to the conference in California? Am I going to see you again?
A: The plane’s going to leave without you.
M: Allie?
A: I asked my boss this morning and he said yes. I can go!
M: Great! Oh! I don’t have your phone number.
A: Don’t worry. I’ll e-mail it to you tomorrow.

This is the final call for all passengers on flight BA 287 to San Francisco. Please proceed immediately to Gate 12.

M: Goodbye Allie and thanks for everything.
A: Goodbye Mark. Have a safe trip!
M: See you in California. Bye.


This is the last in the series of Easy Listening – Practical and Social English by New English File Elementary.

Click here for Easy Listening – Practical and Social English #1


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