Conditionals: First

This week I’m teaching First Conditional to my Pre-Intermediate class. My student Majed has gone back to U.A.E. for two weeks so this is a good time to write about First Conditionals so he can read this blog and keep up.

If Majed reads this, he will learn something. If he does the tests on the sites I recommend, his English will improve.
We use the First Conditional structure for future possibilities and their possible results, so we use two clauses.

The rule is: IF + PRESENT Tense, WILL (or CAN or MIGHT) + BASE Verb
eg. If I miss the bus, I’ll get a taxi.
If I want to get fit, I can go to a gym.
If it’s raining when I finish work, I might buy an umbrella.

We can often change the order of the clauses:

eg. I’ll get a taxi if I miss the bus.
I can go to a gym if I want to get fit,
I might buy an umbrella if it’s raining when I finish work.

Click here for a A Song with First Conditional, Imperatives, and Collocations

Test yourself with this online exercise.

Now try this online exercise. It’s a little more difficult.

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