English TV for Pre-school Children

Do you teach English as a foreign language to Pre-school children? I’m sure you are always trying to find new, fun activities. Children like lots of short activities when they’re learning something. (Actually, I think adults do too!)

Well, I can recommend a wonderful Australian television show called PLAYSCHOOL, produced by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission), which has been loved by small children since it started in 1966. (I enjoyed watching it with my children when they were small and we all still remember the songs.)

  Playschool book         Playschool toys   Playschool--2000s presenters and toys

PLAYSCHOOL Toys and Presenters

Each show features songs, games and activities. Everyday things, like cardboard and paper, are used for the activities, and you will get a lot of ideas for the classroom. You could also allow the children to watch episodes of PLAYSCHOOL (or parts of episodes) on Youtube. There are different themes for each day of the week, Monday-Friday. Repetition is important. The children will soon be singing the songs! And, once they learn them, they will never forget them!

To go to the PLAYSCHOOL Home Page, click here.

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