Easy Listening – Practical and Social English #3

If you would like to improve your English speaking and listening, watch this video from New English File Elementary. The conversations are written under the video. Listen carefully and repeat what you hear:

Conversation 1: In a coffee shop – Buying a coffee

Barista: Can I help you?
Mark: What would you like?
Allie: A cappuccino please.
B: Regular or large?
A: Large please.
M: And can I have an espresso please?
B: To have here or take-away?
M: To have here.
B: Anything else?
A: No thanks.
M: A brownie for me please.
B: Okay.
M: How much is that?
B: Together or separate?
M: Together.
B: That’s six forty-five please.
M: Sorry, how much?
B: $6:45. Thank you.

Conversation #2: Social English

Allie: Thanks Mark.
Mark: You’re welcome. Look, there’s a free table over there. … There you are. Oh! I’m really sorry!
A: Don’t worry. It’s always the same. When I wear white, something like this always happens.
M: Look, first, I’ll get you another coffee. Then, we can go shopping.
A: Shopping!?
M: Yeah. I want to buy you a new shirt. You can’t go to a meeting like that.
A: But we don’t have time! The next meeting’s at 12:30.
M: We have time. It’s only 11:00.
A: Are you sure?
M: Yes. Sit down and relax. Let’s have coffee and then go.
A: Well, okay.

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