Easy Listening – Practical and Social English #4

If you would like to improve your English speaking and listening, watch this video from New English File Elementary. The conversations are written under the video. Listen carefully and repeat what you hear:

Conversation 1: In a clothes shop – Buying clothes

Sales Assistant: Can I help you?
Allie: Yes. What size is this shirt?
SA: Let’s see. A small. What size do you want?
A: A medium.
SA: This is a medium.
A: Thanks. Where can I try it on?
SA: The changing rooms are over there.
A: Thank you.

SA: How is it?
A: It’s fine. How much is it?
SA: Thirty-four, ninety-nine. ($34:99)
Mark: Do you take American Express?
SA: Yes sir.

Conversation #2: Social English

Allie: Thank-you very much Mark.
Mark: You’re welcome. I’m really sorry about the coffee.
A: That’s okay. It’s late. Our meeting’s at 12:30.
M:  We can take a taxi.
A: Okay. Do you like the shirt?
M: Well, yeah. It’s exactly the same as the other one.
A: The same? It’s completely different.
M: Sorry.
A: Typical man.
M: Allie, can I ask you something?
A: Yeah. What?
M: Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?
A: Tonight?
M: Yeah. You see, it’s my birthday.
A: Aw! Happy Birthday! I’m sorry, but I can’t have dinner tonight. I’m busy.
M: Oh. How about Friday night?
A: Friday? Well, okay.
M: Do you know a good restaurant?
A: Let me think. Do you like Italian food?
M: I love it!
A: Well, there’s a new Italian restaurant. We can go there.
M: Good idea. … Taxi!

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