They’re, their, & there … You’re & your …

They’re, their, and there all have the same pronunciation: /ðɛə/

♦ They’re is a contraction of they are.

They’re studying English at Langports. = They are studying English at Langports.

Their shows possession. Their is always followed by a noun.

∗ The students are using their new textbooks in the classroom.
∗ The students are in their new classroom.

There is used for everything else.

∗ They are there now.
There is a new student in the class.
There will be a new schedule each week.
There are several class options.

∗∗ They’re there now studying with their new textbooks. ∗∗∗

You’re and your both have the same pronunciation: /jɔː/

♦ You’re is a contraction of you are.

You’re a wonderful student! = You are a wonderful student!
You’re wonderful students! = You are wonderful students!
You’re not getting enough sleep. = You are not getting enough sleep.

Take note: Another contraction for You are not = You aren’t

Your  shows possession. Your is always followed by a noun.

∗ Where is your homework?
∗ Where are your new books?
∗ You passed your test easily.

∗∗When you’re ready, please begin your test. ∗∗

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