Do you know how to talk about Social Media and the Internet in English ?

Here’s another post from Vocabulary in Chunks that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Listening to videos like these is easy English practice. I know that studying a language can be hard work so you need to find a way to enjoy it whenever possible. If you enjoy these videos, have a look at their other videos. As the name suggests, “Vocabulary in Chunks” focuses on teaching groups of English words together. This is the best way to learn new language.

If you don’t understand some of the ‘chunks’, don’t translate single words. Translate the whole chunk and you will get a better explanation. First, try to work out the meanings from the context and the visuals. Enjoy!


We use the internet and social media sites all the time to stay connected and understand what’s happening around us. In this episode, learn the vocabulary you need to know to talk about this topic.

How do you learn something online? 

We asked people on the street what they were learning online and how they were doing it.

🖥  🖥  🖥  🖥  🖥

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5 Responses to Do you know how to talk about Social Media and the Internet in English ?

  1. Very helpful and useful 😊


  2. Thank you for sharing with your students.

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  3. Well, I am really thankful for all your inputs shared on this matter

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