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Tara Moss

Tara Moss is a bestselling Canadian-Australian author, television presenter, journalist and former model. She has kindly made some of her short stories available free on the Internet. If you wish to improve your English expression, her stories are fine examples of clear, concise writing.

English students often feel that by increasing the length and complexity of their sentences, their writing will be more impressive and earn them a higher rating. However, a combination of sentences of varying length is more reader-friendly. Well chosen, descriptive language can be more compelling than lengthy, ordinary details.

See how Tara Moss creates suspense and drama with style and economic use of words. Read this short story quickly. (I doubt that you will be able to slow down once you start!) Then read it again and marvel at the adjectives and adverbs. Also, her choice of nouns and verbs enables the reader to visualise the action easily. Brilliant!

Are you ready to read Psycho Magnet?  **NOTE: Unfortunately, this short story is no longer available online. Instead, click HERE for a well written  ABC News article about Tara Moss which includes a Youtube video of her discussing  her new book, The Fictional Woman.

If you are interested in learning more about this remarkable woman and her writing, click HERE for her website. Happy reading!

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