Past Perfect Tense


(had + past participle)

Some of my students are studying Past Perfect Tense this week. Unfortunately, Heloise is absent with a broken finger, so I’ve found a site which has a good explanation of Past Perfect for her to read at home. It includes lots of examples and exercises for practice.

This is a great site for anyone who is studying English.

Heloise, we all hope you feel better soon. Your friends at school (Kei, Shiho, Shiori, Naho, Thalita, Ayana, Julia, Kenshiro and Mohamed) send their regards and hope to see you soon.

Link for Past Perfect:

Here is a short cartoon video which will help you understand Past Perfect:

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1 Response to Past Perfect Tense

  1. Heloisa says:

    Hi thanks soo much everyone….I love you i feel better.i will come Back to school next Monday……. Kissessssssssss


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