English Pronunciation: WORK & WALK Video #2

In this Pronunciation Video, I have explained how to pronounce two more English Vowel sounds – those found in the words Work & Walk.


You need to practise or you will not remember this information! This is true for anything that you learn and want to remember. New information is stored in your short-term memory. If you want it to be stored in your long-term memory, you need to revise the new information.


MemorySystemsLargeThe new information may be mental (language) or physical (mouth movements). Think of learning to drive: you have to remember the road rules (mental), and at the same time which foot and hand movements to use (physical). You don’t remember everything after one or two lessons! Learning new pronunciation is mental and physical. Think how good you will feel when you can pronounce English sounds without thinking; just like driving a car!



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