Elastic Heart

Hello Everyone!

How are you all going? Enjoying your English journey? Do remember to leave a comment if you have any questions English-related.

Today, I want to share with you the brilliance of ‘Sia’, an Australian singer-songwriter-artist. Her music videos are a vocal and visual treat! Her latest song ‘Elastic Heart’ does not disappoint.

First, watch this video, with the lyrics, and enjoy! (This was the best video with lyrics that I could find. Unfortunately, some of the lyrics are wrong. If you want to check the correct ones, click here.)

Next, watch the following video; listen to Sia  singing ‘Elastic Heart’ while watching Urban Dance Camp dancing – that’s if ‘dancing’ is the correct term! They look like they have elastic bodies!

If you are interested in a forum discussing the meaning of the song and the video, click here .

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