Watch the News to Improve Listening and Vocabulary

Hello all you hard-working English students!

I’m afraid I won’t be publishing any new posts for a couple of months as I’m off to France this week to study French. You see, I’m a language learner like you. I know what it’s like trying to learn a second language.

My thanks to John Towner for this charming French photo.

In 2008, my husband and I studied Italian in Italy, Beginner level. In 2011, we studied Spanish in Spain, Beginner level.

I last studied French (in Australia) in 2003. To help me prepare for my four-week course, which is starting next Monday, I’ve been watching the French news (no sub-titles) every day for the last three months. (I have missed perhaps four or five days.) I’m hoping to study French at Intermediate level.

When I first started watching the French news, I could understand about 50%. After three months, I can understand most of what I hear. I’m very excited! It’s a wonderful feeling to actually understand the news in a foreign language. I have learnt a lot of new vocabulary, especially about politics. France has just elected a new president, Emmanuel Macron and the election campaign was the hot topic for several weeks. There is a lot of repetition in news programs.

My advice for you is to do what I have done. Watch the news ∼ in English not French! If you are determined, your listening and vocabulary will definitely improve. If I can do it, so can you! The more I watched the news, the more French I remembered. Just try it, but be consistent. You will also learn a lot about English culture, whether it is American, British or Australian.

∗ Before I go: I have discovered a very funny British comedian whom I think you will enjoy listening to and watching  on Youtube. His name is Michael McIntyre and he speaks with a very clear British accent. Click here if you feel like being entertained while learning English.

Bye for now and good luck with your English studies!

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  1. Olivia says:

    Fantastic advice Mary!


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