Improve your English and Organize your Life

Watch the following short video, Becoming An Organized Person by Peter Walsh.

Your English listening will improve; Peter Walsh speaks clearly and directly.

It will take less than two minutes of your time.

More than this, I hope that watching this video will help you if you need to organize your life more efficiently and stop wasting time. We all tend to procrastinate (put things off to do ‘later’ rather than do them now). Do you do this with your studies? I know that I do it with housework! Note what he says about To Do Lists, Caring for Yourself, Later, Decisions Delayed, and Clutter.

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2 Responses to Improve your English and Organize your Life

  1. Meghan Schwanke says:

    Thank you for pointing us to this video. There are so many great videos for English learners but very few have any captions (English) that would be so helpful for input-at least the first viewing. Why?


  2. mhardy3222 says:

    Hello Meghan,
    Usually the videos with captions are specially made for English learners. Videos without captions are directed at native English speakers.
    I try, when I can, to provide authentic material that is made for native English speakers. I know it can be difficult, but if you keep trying, you will improve. Also, I love finding material by people like Peter Walsh who speak clearly and use simple vocabulary. I listed some of the vocabulary he uses (To Do Lists, Caring for Yourself, Later, Decisions Delayed, and Clutter) so you could check the meanings before watching the video. In fact, Peter Walsh has several videos which I knew you would see, so I was hoping that they would provide more English practice – and advice on organizing your life!
    The best way to get captions are with songs, which is one reason that I use songs so often on this blog.
    Thank you for your comment Meghan. I hope I have answered your question satisfactorily.
    Mary Hardy


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