English Pronunciation: 20 VOWEL-SOUNDS IN 20 Minutes


New Zealand fur seal,  “All my words are vowel sounds!!”   Photo by Karen Lau on Unsplash.com

Back by popular demand is a lesson I did four years ago. Follow my instructions, practise regularly, and your pronunciation will improve. The practice is necessary as you are training your mouth to make new, different movements. It is physical practice like learning to surf or drive a car.

The students who were in my class (from Asia, Europe and South America) were all able to produce the 20 Vowel Sounds during the lesson. However, if they didn’t practise after the lesson, they would have forgotten most of it because the practice also retrains your brain. It is important for this new information to be stored in your long-term memory and this can only happen with repetition and revision.

When you watch television, repeat phrases or words you hear. This is an easy, convenient way to practise and check your progress. Press PAUSE and repeat difficult sounds until you are satisfied with your pronunciation.

Are you ready? In just 20 minutes you will learn the 20 English Vowel Sounds. Click here for my classroom video.

For a clear picture of the English File Phonetic Chart, click here and for practice exercises, click here.

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