147 Words to Use instead of “Very”

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How often do you use the word “Very” to add emphasis to an ordinary word?

How about trying out some dynamic new words? (Don’t you think that “dynamic” is preferable to “better”?)

Once again, GrammarCheck.net  have created an easy-to-use, helpful Infographic to boost your English. Keep in mind that the recommended words are not the only possibilities, and that some in the “very … ”  group are examples of incorrect usage; for example, “very complete” and “very raining”.

147 Words to Use Instead of 'Very' (Infographic)


Source: www.grammarcheck.net

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2 Responses to 147 Words to Use instead of “Very”

  1. Minecraft says:

    this is great job buddy!!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s true we use lot of irrelevant word which sounds sometime bad so instead of using very it good to use a proper word for that particular word which we want to speak


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