How to Follow a Process / Instructions

Here in Australia, it will soon be summer. On the Gold Coast, where I live, it’s like summer most of the year! However, for many of you, winter is fast approaching so I thought you might enjoy a short video by Vocabulary in Chunks about Hygge and learn some English at the same time.  

As the name suggests, Vocabulary in Chunks is a website that focuses on learning English in chunks: in groups of words rather than learning new words one at a time. The focus this time is on Describing a Process; for example, how to make a warm, cozy blanket, how to prepare warm, soothing drinks, and a few more suggestions for making your life more comfortable and cozy. 

Take note of the sentence structure. Giving instructions usually involves starting sentences with ImperativesWarm up 2 cups of …, Measure the height of …, Use a large piece of …, Cut the board … etc.  While you read the instructions, you will learn new vocabulary in context. 

I hope you enjoy this lovely little video. I’m looking forward to making the Chunky Wool Blanket. However, I don’t recommend lit candles on the bed!

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :
∗ being comforted and cozy
∗ decorationg style
∗ sweet treats
∗ warm soothing drinks
∗ part of the lifestyle
∗ how to make

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