Past Simple Tense & Past Continuous Tense

We use Past Simple Tense to describe something which started and finished in the past:

  • Bachir played soccer last Wednesday.
  • Bachir hurt his leg last Wednesday.
  • Bachir stayed at home on Thursday and Friday.
  • I taught Past Continuous Tense to my students on Thursday and Friday.

Here is a cartoon video which will help you understand Past Simple:

We use Past Continuous Tense (also known as Past Progressive Tense) to describe something that was happening (in progress) at the same time as something else:

  • Bachir hurt his leg when he was playing soccer.
  • While Bachir was resting at home, I was teaching Past Continuous Tense at school.
  • While I was watching television last night, the phone rang.

We also use Past Continuous Tense to describe something in progress at a particular time in the past:

  • At 9:00am Thursday, Ricardo was telling me about Bachir’s accident.
  • At 1:00pm today, I was eating my lunch.
  • This time last week, I was teaching Prepositions.

Here is a cartoon video which will help you understand Past Continuous:

For a more detailed explanation of Past Continuous, try this Online Lesson. Then, test yourself with the Online Exercises.

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