Easy Listening – Practical and Social English #7

If you would like to improve your English speaking and listening, watch this video from New English File Elementary. It features speakers from England and The United States. The conversations are written under the video. Listen carefully and repeat what you hear:

Conversation 1: Ordering a meal

Waiter: Good evening. Do you have a reservation?
Allie: Yes, a table for two. My name’s Allie Gray.
Waiter: Smoking or non-smoking?
Allie: Non-smoking please.
Waiter: Come this way please.

Waiter: Are you ready to order?
Mark: Yes, I’d like the onion soup and then the steak please.
Allie: The goat’s cheese salad and the lasagne for me please.
Waiter: What would you like to drink?
Mark: Would you like some wine?
Allie: No thanks. Just mineral water for me.
Mark: Okay. A glass of red wine and a bottle of mineral water please.
Waiter: Thank you sir.
Mark: Thank you.


Conversation 2: Social English

Mark: How was the pasta?
Allie: It was delicious.
Mark: Listen Allie. There’s something I want to ask you.
Allie: Yes. What?
Waiter: Would you like a dessert?
Allie: Yes please. What is there?
Waiter: Tiramisu, ice-cream, or fruit salad.
Allie: Fruit salad please.
Waiter: And you sir?
Mark: Nothing for me, thanks. … Allie.
Allie: Yes. … Go on Mark.
Mark: Um, well … tomorrow’s my last day and I think we, I mean I, I really liked meeting you and …
Waiter: Here you are. Fruit salad. Would you like any coffee?
Allie: Yes. An espresso, please.
Mark: The same for me please.

Allie: Sorry Mark?
Mark: Do you want to come to California next month? There’s a big conference.   I’m going to be there. Why don’t you come? What do you think?
Waiter: Two espressos. Anything else? A little brandy, a grappa?
Mark: No. Thank you. … What do you say Allie?
Allie: I’m not sure Mark. I need some time to think about it. Okay?
Mark: Alright, but please tell me before I go.
Allie: Okay.

Mark: Can we have the check please?
Waiter: Sorry? The check?
Allie: The bill Mark. We’re in Britain, remember.
Mark: Sorry. Could we have the bill please?


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