Hello everyone! 

I’ve been having fun with a News in Slow French website for my French studies. I read a news script while listening to the audio. It takes on average just two minutes, so it’s very easy to fit into a busy schedule. I realized that a similar English  website would be helpful for you so I’ve been trying to find one which provides news with videos and tapescripts to help you with your English studies.

Well,  I’ve found an excellent English News website for you!

News in Levels

This website is designed for levels 1, 2, & 3 but it is also very useful for level 4 (Intermediate) students who need to improve basic grammar and word order. 

The videos are between approximately one and two minutes. Just read and listen. Do this once or twice a day and your English skills can improve fast. 

Click on the above picture to see the video about Mark Zuckerberg at Congress.


Mark Zuckerberg

http://www.newsinlevels.com provides more than just  news. You can arrange to skype with other English students. It even supplies lists of questions for skype conversations. You can listen to and read jokes. This site provides a lot of advice and gives step by step instructions. 

For instructions on how to improve your English with News in Levels, click here.


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