Improve your English with a British Council approved tutor

Hello students!
As you know, I’m taking a break from teaching English (while I complete my e-book). Meanwhile, I have found the perfect online option for you! The best advice I can give to all my English students is to get a tutor.

I’ve partnered with EnglishScore Tutors –  British Council’s official 1:1 tutoring platform.

I have  used the excellent resources provided by British Council frequently on this website. Because of this, I am confident that their one-on-one tutoring service would help you improve your spoken English, vocabulary, and more, with instant feedback and support.

It’s comforting to keep in mind that English Second Language Teachers can often speak  a second or third language themselves. You can practise with your British Council approved English tutor and not be worried about mistakes or pronunciation because they have experienced them themselves!

EnglishScore Tutors is British Council’s Official 1-to-1 tutoring service, helping over 12,500 adults and young learners improve their English. The platform hosts over 150 qualified English tutors who are available for private classes 24/7, which will work with your busy schedule. 

Whether you are looking to improve your business English, prepare for an exam like IELTS, or just gain confidence speaking, EnglishScore Tutors offers you personalised sessions designed around you and your goals.

The good news is that you can try your first 30 minute session for just $1. Really!

Get your $1 lesson here.

I’d love to get some feedback! Let me know about your experience with  EnglishScore Tutors. 

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