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Present Simple Tense & Present Continuous Tense

English students often get confused with these two tenses because they have only one present tense in their language. Here is one way you can remember which one to use: If something is happening now and it’s temporary, we usually … Continue reading

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Learn English with Music!

Good news everyone! Did you know that you can learn SO MUCH English just by listening to songs? And if you want to improve your speaking and pronunciation, just sing while you’re listening. Try these songs: I Have to Say … Continue reading

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Do you need help with PREPOSITIONS? (on, in, to, from, with, into, at … etc.)

A good way to learn and remember prepositions is to read. This site has hundreds of easy, short stories. First, read this story “Chocolate Milk”. Second, click-on Cloze and Sentences. If you would like to read more short stories with … Continue reading

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