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Persuasive Language – Advanced & Proficiency Level Students

The University of New South Wales, Australia, has an excellent Literacy Department which provides invaluable advice on developing writing skills. For those of you who are studying English and are preparing for  exams, have a look at the following PDF … Continue reading

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A Song with Reduced Relative Clauses: #7

*There are a few ways in which we can reduce Relative Clauses. For now, I’m going to look at the Reduced Relative Clauses (bold print) in the song “Rolling in the Deep”  by Adele (subtitles in English). Can you work out which words have … Continue reading

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English Dictation

Dictation is one way to check and improve your students’ listening level. However, it can be really boring for students. Why not use a song for dictation? There’s a song I sometimes use for dictation in my English ESL class … Continue reading

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IELTS Speaking Test

For English students wanting to study for the IELTS Speaking Test, there are some wonderful resources online. I can highly recommend the  Australia Network  Website. In the Passport to English section, you will find videos, transcripts, notes, and commentary to help you. … Continue reading

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Future tenses – part two

English students learn WILL for Future Tense and they often don’t know that native speakers also use Present Continuous and Present Simple when they are talking and writing about the future. As a result, students overuse WILL. Look at the following … Continue reading

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Holiday Season Revision

Hello Everyone! I’d like to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a very enjoyable Christmas with your family and friends. For everyone, it will soon be the end … Continue reading

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