TOEIC Test – 600 Essential Words: Part 1

If you want to do well in a TOEIC Course, you need to know the list of 600 Essential Words For The TOEIC Test.  I know that sounds like a lot to learn, but you will manage if you study a small amount at a time and revise it before you learn more. TOEIC is an intensive course and if you can prepare yourself by learning essential vocabulary before you start, you will achieve a much better result.



I will present the Word List in various posts. Today, in Part 1, I am presenting the NOUNS from the 600 Essential Words For The TOEIC Test  which have been formed by adding a suffix (an ending)  to a verb. The suffixes, …ment, and ion, are common word endings for nouns. The base verb from which the noun has been formed is included. While the base verb is not on the list, it is helpful for you to understand word families. The most common questions on the TOEIC test relate to word families. Seeing connections helps you to remember.

Learning a list of words is not the best way to go. It is vital to understand new vocabulary in context, so write a sentence containing each word. Please don’t translate whole sentences! You can find sample sentences (and the pronunciation – listen and repeat)  from online dictionaries such as: and  Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary. *Take note that the main stress in nouns with the suffix ion is the syllable before ion. For example, action, appreciation, provision. This makes it easier to remember the pronunciation.

Keep in mind that the TOEIC Test has a business theme. Get a notebook and write sentences for the following nouns. Try to find  pictures for hard-to-remember words on Google Images. Print them out and put them around your home and in your notebooks. Get friends or family to test you. Have them ask you questions like, “What’s this picture about?” Answer: “A boss is making an announcement to his staff.” You will be practising the word from the list (announcement) as well as the collocation (make). You will be reminded that ‘announcement’ must be followed by a preposition (to) if you want to use an object (his staff). Start today and do a little every day. Good luck!

suffix – ment    ♦ suffix – ment  
accomplishment accomplish   arrangement arrange
achievement achieve   assignment assign
adjustment adjust   attainment attain
agreement agree   encouragement encourage
announcement announce   entertainment entertain
appointment appoint   statement state
suffix – ion     suffix – ion  
action act   persuasion persuade
appreciation appreciate   position posit
association associate   preparation prepare
calculation calculate   provision provide
cancellation cancel   qualification qualify
collaboration collaborate   recognition recognise
collection collect  recommendation recommend
competition compete   reduction reduce
complication complicate   reflection reflect
confusion confuse   relaxation relax
decision decide   representation represent
dedication dedicate   reputation repute
description describe   reservation reserve
disruption disrupt   revolution revolt/revolve
distraction distract   satisfaction satisfy
embarkation embark   situation situate
expiration expire   substitution substitute
inspiration inspire   suggestion suggest
interaction interact   transaction transact
location locate   translation translate
option opt

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