TOEIC Test – 600 Essential Words: Part 5 Adjectives

First, read TOEIC Test – 600 Essential Words: Part 1

Today, I’m presenting the Adjectives from the above list. Some of the adjectives are …ed & …ing adjectives which are formed from verbs. This means that you need to work out how the word is used in a sentence before you can decide if it’s a verb, part of a verb, or an adjective. This is not difficult. Look at the following sentence:

Each year The Outstanding Business Leader Awards are presented by the Northwood University Board of Trustees.

  • In the above sentence, the word ‘outstanding’ is describing (modifying) the business leader, so it is an adjective. Look also at the words ‘business’ and ‘leader’. You might assume that these words are nouns; however, they are describing the awards, so in this sentence, they are also adjectives.

International Business Day

  • Note also that some adjectives on the list, such as ‘outstanding’ and ‘vested’, are now used only as adjectives, as the verbs are considered archaic (old and no longer used). ‘Vested’ is usually used as part of the fixed expression, ‘vested interests’. 

I have listed adjectives from the TOEIC 600 Essential Words list below with sample sentences. I have included common preposition + adjective collocations. Take note of the verbs and prepositions that can collocate with the adjectives. The TOEIC Test checks your knowledge of collocations.
For example:
BE verb + adjacent + to



adjacent (to) The CEO’s office is adjacent to the boardroom.
advanced You need advanced mathematical skills to be an actuary.
affordable Being able to pay the cost of something means that it is affordable.
anxious Most people feel a little anxious on their first day in a new job.
apprehensive (about) Employees often feel apprehensive about new management.
available There is no accommodation available on the nights of Friday 6 July or Saturday 7 July.
be aware (of) Business owners always need to be aware of potential competition.
basic A safe working environment is a basic human right.
be in charge (of) Who is in charge of office stationery in your workplace?
be made (of) Our office uses paper (which is) made of recycled material.
be ready (for) As a businessman or woman, you need to be ready for anything.
beforehand If I had known beforehand what my boss required, I would not have accepted the job.
busy Being busy is not always the same as being productive.
compatible Different systems (e.g., computer programs, file formats and software that can work together or exchange data) are said to be compatible.
comprehensive The CEO will soon give a comprehensive report on the company’s trading position as at the end of the financial year.
conducive (to) Poor management is not conducive to a happy workplace.
conservative We were surprised by the conservative estimate the CEO gave in regard to future exports.
convenient Employees should have the right to refuse to do overtime if it is not convenient for them.
creative Creative, hard-working people are always in demand.
crucial It is crucial to love children if you wish to work in childcare.
culinary Culinary skills are crucial if you want to be a chef.
deluxe Deluxe accommodation on cruise ships is becoming more affordable.
disparate Company takeovers often force disparate groups of people to work together.


durable All our furniture is made from durable plantation wood.
effective Effective leadership is crucial for an efficient workplace.
efficient An efficient workplace depends on effective leadership.
eligible (for) Thomas is an excellent employee, but he is not eligible for the advertised management position.
everyday It is desirable for staff morale to be high on an everyday basis.
evident It is evident that staff morale is getting worse.
general The general feeling is that staff morale is the lowest it has ever been.
hesitant The employees  are hesitant to bring up the issue of morale at the staff meetings.
in depth After in depth discussions with the Union, the management decided to do something about the low staff morale.
integral The well-being of staff is an integral ingredient of a successful business.
joint Betty and Bob are joint owners of a new restaurant.
lengthy After lengthy negotiations with the local council, Betty and Bob were able to obtain a liquor licence for their restaurant.
logical It’s logical to expect promotion when one is the most suitable and qualified applicant, but this does not always happen.
long term Customer loyalty depends very much on long term customer satisfaction.
loyal Loyal  staff should be valued like gold.
mandatory In Australia, regular inspections of hygiene conditions in restaurants are mandatory.
multiple There are multiple steps on the success ladder.
narrow To expect staff to work long hours for very low pay shows a narrow and uncharitable attitude towards one’s fellow man.

on hand Kerry is always on hand if you need some help.
on track Time is limited so we need to keep this meeting on track.
optional Overtime is optional and should be paid at a higher hourly rate.
outdated  Technology seems to become outdated soon after everyone has learned how to use it!

outstanding The amount of credit outstanding for fuel is now $50,000.
overcrowded Because apartments in the city centre are overcrowded, affordable housing should be  a government priority.
perceptive A team leader needs to be perceptive of people’s needs and good at supporting individuals.
pertinent All pertinent aspects of job requirements should be clear to potential employees.
productive The  current output is 6,000 litres per week which represents 95% of the company’s productive capacity.
prospective It is normal practice for hotels to require confirmation from prospective guests in the form of credit card details.
realistic (about) Most employees are realistic about their work performance and their value to their employers.
regardless (of) All eligible employees may vote and stand for election regardless of length of service.
registered Not all companies are registered for VAT purposes. 
remote Senior Managers are often remote from the majority of the staff.
restricted The manufacturer sells to a restricted number of outlets.
serious Non-delivery of the goods will result in a serious financial loss.
sharp The sharp decline in Jack’s firm was due to financial extravagance and a lack of good management.

significant Methanol could well become a significant fuel for transportation.
smooth For the changeover to be smooth, all departments need to be working at maximum efficiency. 
specific Many skills are job specific; that is, they are only useful in certain types of jobs.
strong A strong Japanese yen is seen as essential if inflation is to be kept low.
subjective Reasonableness is a subjective judgement.
successive Successive reports have exaggerated the yearly profits.
tedious Factory managers would improve morale if they could find a way to change tedious work.
thorough Managers should have a thorough understanding of the duties of all staff.
time-consuming Replacing staff is expensive and time-consuming.
valid Ron is often late for work. None of his excuses is valid.
vested Because replacing staff is expensive and time-consuming, managers have a vested interest in looking after current staff.
commensurate (with) Your wages should be commensurate with the amount of time you have worked.
 overall Before you arrive for a job interview, have an overall picture in your mind of the image of yourself that you want to convey.

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