A Song containing Relative Clauses – by Shakira: #3



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SHAKIRA sings a song called You’re the One which contains  several Relative Clauses. They are highlighted in bold in the lyrics below.

A Relative Clause is a part of a sentence which contains (at least one) Independent Clause and (at least one) Dependent Clause. An Independent Clause is okay by itself – it doesn’tShakira-school-inauguration-colombia-650-430 need help; just like an independent person. A Dependent Clause is not okay by itself – it needs help because it is not finished. Let’s look at one of the sentences in the song:

You’re the one  I need.

This sentence contains an Independent Clause“You’re the one.” This is a complete sentence because it has a subject and a verb and meaning.

This sentence also contains a Dependent Clause – “I need.” This is not a complete sentence. It has a subject and a verb, but no clear…

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