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Divulging and disclosing (The language of giving information)

Originally posted on About Words – Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog:
Bobiko/Moment/GettyImages by Kate Woodford We tell each other things all the time, whether it’s our news, some important information or just interesting facts. This week we’re focusing on the language that…

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Pictures of Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

I have recently come across (phrasal verb: come across = found by accident) a very helpful website called idiomic.com which helps you understand and remember idioms and phrasal verbs by using amusing pictures. I have featured just one idiom below: BIG CHEESE If … Continue reading

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The World Cup and Prepositions

Emotional … Mexico’s coach Miguel Herrera celebrates after the victory over Croatia in Group A. Photo: AFP (Michael Lynch, Senior sports reporter with The Age) As the World Cup is a very popular event for many countries, this is a perfect time to … Continue reading

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