TOEIC Test – 600 Essential Words: Part 2

First, read TOEIC Test – 600 Essential Words: Part 1

Finished? Did you follow my advice? Good, because now I will continue with my list of words from the TOEIC Test – 600 Essential Words. Today, I am presenting some of the NOUNS and VERBS from the list which have the same form. It is very common, in the TOEIC test, to test students on words that can be both a noun and a verb. Think of this as positive: only one word to remember! As verbs, they are all regular, except for ‘draw’, ‘mistake’ and ‘run’. The spelling is American.

For those of you whose languages are based on Latin and Greek, try to see if the base root of the word is similar in your language. For example, the origin of the word ‘benefit’  (which means ‘something good’) – bene – is the Latin for ‘good’ or ‘well’. In Italian, ‘good’ is ‘bene’, in Spanish, it’s ‘bueno’,  and in French it’s ‘bien’.  Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese speakers (and sometimes German speakers) will see greater similarities in words like: apprentice, catalog, demand, comfort, and estimate; and that’s just a few! See how many more you can find.

A few of these words have different pronunciation stress which I have underlined. You will notice that the stress (the strong, long syllable) is the first syllable in the noun and last syllable in the verbs.

You can find definitions,  sentence examples, and pronunciation for each word (noun and verb) by clicking on the  Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Online Dictionary. I have already linked some for you. There are often more than one or two meanings for each word; make sure you check for a business meaning.

Please follow my advice from Part One if you want to  succeed. Read / write sentences containing each word and do a little practice regularly. 

Noun & Verb Noun & Verb Noun & Verb Noun & Verb
address check-in display impact
approach code escort (n)
escort (v)
balance compromise factor limit
bargain concern favour link
benefit conduct (n)
conduct (v)
file list
blanket contact flavor market
board control fold match
brand cover forecast matter
budget demand function mention
burden desire fund merit
catalog detail glimpse mistake
charge discount guide mix





monitor progress (n)progress (v) result stage
mortgage project (n)
project (v)
return stock
network promise review store
offer quote risk suit
order raise run target
party range sample taste
permit (n)
permit (v)
rate scan thrill
petition reason schedule turnover
plan record (n)
record (v)
search update
portion recruit sense value
practice refund service volunteer
present (n)
present (v)
reject (n)
reject (v)
ship wage
process research (n)
research (v)
site waste
profile resolve source wrinkle

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For practice, click on TOEIC Error Recognition Tests.

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